The Mount Baker Office

As active members of the community it is important to us to be a part of the Windermere family. A portion of each of our commissions goes to the Windermere Foundation, a large charitable organization that supports a wide array of humane causes. Our office also has its own separate fund, the Mount Baker Cares Fund, supported by voluntary contributions from all of our agents and by our annual fundraisers. This enables us to give money back to our immediate neighborhood, helping those in need closer to home. Windermere Mount Baker is a dynamic office comprised of an eclectic group of people and a management team that has been working together there for almost 20 years. With Windermere behind us, we have all of the resources, tools and support needed to get the job done well for you.





Office Manager

Bev Powers is a problem-solving dynamo, who has been with the Mount Baker office since 1986. Prior to that, her real estate career spanned title, mortgage lending, and escrow. As a result, Bev has detailed knowledge of the entire real estate transaction process, and can quickly troubleshoot any issues that occur along the way. Her extensive contacts throughout the industry give Bev behind-the-scenes access to the expertise needed to get the deal done right. Bev is also a whiz at explaining the process in terms that your client can understand, so you can communicate with them most effectively. Agents love the fact that they can turn a sale over to Bev knowing that she will handle all the details flawlessly. According to Bev "I have the best job in the world".

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